What are the main parts of a firework?

Updated: Aug 17

Fireworks are one of the most exciting and beautiful things in our life. It is an art form that has been around for thousands of years. Fireworks have become more popular than ever before, with people from all over the world now enjoying them at their local festivals or on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve.

The history of fireworks dates back to ancient times. The Chinese were using gunpowder to create fireworks around 2,000 BC. In India, they used small rockets called “kalashas” which were made out of bamboo tubes filled with different colored powders. These kalashas were lit by lighting a fuse inside the tube.

The first modern-day fireworks were created during the 17th century. They were invented by Italian scientist Guglielmo Della Porta who was also known as the “Father of Modern Chemistry”. He developed a method of making fireworks without any sulfuric acid. This new invention became very popular and was soon copied by other countries.

What Are The Main Parts of A Firework?

There are many types of fireworks available today. Some of these include:

  1. Rockets: These are usually made up of black powder and are fired from cannons. They can be used to shoot objects into the air.

  2. Roman candles: These are often made of wax and contain a wick. When the candle burns down, the wax turns into a liquid and then solidifies again when the flame goes out.

  3. Skyrockets: These are similar to rockets but they use gunpowder instead of black powder.

  4. Fountains: These are large balls of water that burst into flames when shot into the sky.

  5. Pyrotechnics: These are fireworks that produce light effects.

  6. Decorations: These are added to the fireworks to make them look even better.

  7. Explosives: These are the explosives that cause the fireworks to explode.

  8. Colors: These are the colors that are used to make the fireworks look bright.

  9. Sound Effects: These are sounds that are played while the fireworks are being set off.

  10. Lighting Effects: These are lights that are placed on top of the fireworks so that they can be seen from far away.

  11. Special Effect: These are special effects that are added to the fireworks. For example, some fireworks will change color when they are shot into the air.

  12. Stunt Effects: These are effects that are put on top of the fireworks to make them look like something else. It means there is a stunting effect if there is a rocket that resembles a plane.

  13. Music: These are sounds that play while the fireworks are being shot off.

  14. Smoke: These are clouds of smoke that are shot into the air to give the fireworks a nice appearance.


Fireworks are amazing because they can be used to show off your creativity and imagination. You can create unique designs that no one else could possibly do. If you want to purchase fireworks, check out our website! We have lots of new arrivals.

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