What is a Category 4 firework?

Category 4 fireworks are the most powerful and dangerous type of fireworks available. They can be extremely loud, and very bright and they have a high chance of causing serious injury or death if not handled properly.

Category 4 Fireworks Explained

The term “category” refers to the power rating of the fireworks. The higher the number, the more powerful it is. A category 1 firework has less than 10% as much energy as a category 4 firework.

The term “firework” refers to any pyrotechnic device that produces an explosion. It could be a sparkler, a Roman Candle, a bottle rocket, a cherry bomb, a ground-burst shell, a star shell, a starburst, a sky ball, a ground burst shell, a ground burst shell with a fuse, a ground burst shell without a fuse, a ground bursting shell, a ground bursting shell with a fuse, or a ground bursting shell without a fuse.

What Are the Different Types of Fireworks?

There are many different types of fireworks available. Some people like to buy them in bulk while others prefer buying individual pieces. Here are some examples:

Sparklers – These small devices produce sparks when lit. They are usually used for fun at parties and other celebrations.

Roman Candles – These are also known as “Chinese Lanterns” because they were originally made from Chinese lanterns. They look similar to a candle but they burn brighter and longer.

Bottle Rockets – These are often called “rockets” even though they don’t really shoot off into space. Instead, they explode inside their container. They are typically used for entertainment purposes such as birthday parties, weddings, and other special events.

Cherry Bombs – These small devices contain a cherry that explodes when lit. They are sometimes called “cherry bombs” but this name isn’t official.

Star Shells – These are large shells filled with stars. When they are ignited, they create a beautiful display of light. They are typically used during holidays and other special occasions.

Sky Balls – These are round balls filled with colored lights. They are designed to float through the air and illuminate the night sky. They are typically used on New Year’s Eve.

Ground Burst Shells – These are larger versions of ground burst shells. They are meant to be launched into the air and explode above the ground. They are typically used at festivals and other outdoor events.

Ground Burst shells - These are smaller versions of ground burst shells. They are meant to explode directly on the ground. They are commonly used at parades and other outdoor events.

Ground Burst shells with Fuses: These are larger versions of ground burst shells. They come with fuses so you can set them off manually. They are typically used outdoors at festivals and other outdoor activities.

Ground Burst shell without Fuse: This type of shell does not have a fuse. You must ignite it by hand. It is best suited for use indoors at indoor events.

Ground Burst Shells without Fuse: This version of the ground burst shell doesn’t have a fuse. You need to ignite it by hand. They are best suited for use indoors.

Ground Bursts: These are very large shells filled with powder. They are meant to go off in the air. They are typically used in parades and other outdoor activities.


If you are looking to purchase fireworks, make sure you know what kind you want before you start shopping. There are many different kinds of fireworks out there. If you aren’t sure which one you want, ask someone who has experience with fireworks.

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