What Would Happen If You Ate Firecrackers?

What would happen if you ate a firecracker? Would it explode in your mouth and burn your tongue? Or, would it just make you feel like you had eaten something really hot? You've probably wondered what happens to your body when you eat firecrackers. Here you go!

Firecrackers are small explosive devices that can be used to create loud noises. They consist of an outer shell with two or more sticks of gunpowder inside. When these are lit, they produce a loud bang and smoke.

However, if you light a firecracker, there are many other things that might go wrong. Some people have even died after eating them. They make very loud noises and can even damage nearby objects.

So, let’s find out how dangerous firecrackers are and what could happen if you eat one.

Firecrackers Explode Inside Your Mouth

When you light a firecracker, it explodes inside your mouth. This means that it will not only hurt your ears but also your teeth.

  • It may even break your jawbone. However, most people who have been injured by firecrackers were children. Children tend to put their hands into their mouths while playing.

  • This causes them to get burned on their fingers. Then, they lick their fingers and try to blow the firecrackers off.

In these cases, firecrackers explode in the mouths of those who survive. If you are lucky enough to survive this accident, seek medical attention immediately.

Broken jaw bones may need to be repaired surgically, although this is extremely rare.

Firecrackers Can Cause Hearing Loss

Another thing that can happen if you eat a firecracker is hearing loss. Firecrackers contain chemicals called pyrotechnics which is extremely toxic.

These chemicals can enter your body through your nose and lungs. Once they reach your brain, they can cause permanent damage to your eardrums. This can result in hearing loss. The best way to avoid this problem is to keep the firecrackers away from your face. Also, never play with them near your head.

Firecrackers May Burn Your Tongue

You may also experience tongue burning if you eat a firecracker since the chemical composition of firecrackers contains sulfur. Sulfur burns easily and can be extremely painful.

Furthermore, it can also cause serious health problems, such as cancer.

To protect your eyes from the chemicals contained in firecrackers, you should always wear safety goggles while playing with firecrackers.

Firecrackers Are Dangerous To Animals

Although firecrackers are usually safe for humans, they can still be harmful to animals. For example, dogs and cats can suffer from breathing difficulties after inhaling the smoke created by the firecrackers. This can lead to death. Also, firecrackers can cause severe injuries to pets. For instance, they can injure their paws and legs. As a result, they may become lame.

Firecrackers Have A High Risk Of Injury

Although firecrackers are generally safe for humans, they do pose a high risk of injury. If you want to know about the risks associated with firecrackers, then you should read our article on fireworks. In summary, firecrackers are dangerous.

They can cause various types of injuries including hearing loss, burns, and eye damage. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from them.

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